Martins Irbe

Martins Irbe

I'm a software engineer specialising in cloud based microservices.

  1. Moving to S3

    A few days ago I migrated my website from SiteGround shared hosting provider to an instance on DigitalOcean. By doing so, I have stopped paying around £130 to £46 per year.
    The main reason why I moved to DigitalOcean was that I got $50 in platform credit from GitHub Student Developer Pack. However, after exploring AWS, I found that it’s possible to host static websites on S3 and it would cost me somewhere between $0.50 - $1.50 per month, which is somewhere around £12 per year. I would say that it’s not bad at all, it’s quite impressive savings from £130 to £14. And a few hours later, here we are, my website now lives on S3 with the help of CloudFront and Route 53. As search engines prefer sites with HTTPS, I also decided to use Let’s Encrypt, and thanks to S3/CloudFront plugin for Certbot client it was like a walk in the park. To setup a static website on S3 you can follow Amazon’s tutorial which can be found here.

  2. Goodbye WordPress and welcome Jekyll! 🎉

    As a WordPress user, I found myself thinking about some alternatives, not because I wouldn’t like Wordpress, but because of how much resources it demands, especially for a simple personal website, which easily could be few basic static HTML pages. Therefore, I decided to push myself outside my comfort zone to see what else is out there. And then, I stumbled across Jekyll, a static website generator. After some experimentation, it just felt wrong not to use it. One of the main reasons why I decided to migrate over Jekyll was that I wouldn’t need to host PostgreSQL DB and Wordpress, instead of that I could use the precious server resources in more efficient ways, for example running my Pixelator Twitter bot.