Since an early age, I have enjoyed everything that relates to computers. Because of this, I'm a big fan of the first Terminator movies and 90's retro games such as Supaplex and Lemmings. The excitement of finding out how various systems operates have encouraged me to follow my passion by studying software engineering at the university. I have gained an in-depth understanding of various software engineering cycles and what it takes to engineer a resilient and efficient software. In my spare time, I enjoy learning new programming languages, crunching complex programming problems and tinkering with microprocessors.
Besides software engineering, I'm a hobbyist photographer who occasionally enjoys snapping landscape photos while exploring London or other beautiful places around the world.

Currently, I'm a final year Computing student at the University of Kent. Throughout my studies, I have improved my teamwork, presentation and communication skills while working on group and individual assessments. Moreover, I have worked for MetaBroadcast during my industrial placement. During the fifteen months of the placement year, I have gained an understanding of what it takes to develop and maintain stable RESTful APIs and its components that utilise broadcast industry metadata. I have gained an experience working with sophisticated systems such as AWS, Kafka, Cassandra, MongoDB, Puppet, Jenkins, Kubernetes and other.

Final year modules
Computer Security and Cryptography
Computational Intelligence in Business, Economics & Finance
Data Mining
Signal Analysis for Computing
Computational Creativity
Signal Analysis for Computing
Final Year Project - Controlling the Parrot AR.Drone 2 with the EMOTIV Insight electroencephalogram headset
2nd year modules
Further Object-Oriented Programming
Web Development
Information Systems Analysis
Agile Software Development
Database Systems
Software Engineering Process
Software Project
1st year modules
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Foundations of Computing I
Databases and the Web
Computer Systems
Human Computer Interaction
Computer Applications
Applications Project
People and Computing


Crunching @MartinsIrbe's contributions on GitHub.

work experience

  • MetaBroadcast

    07.2015 – Present

    Working on MetaBroadcast Voila and Atlas APIs. Developing RESTful web microservices written in Java that make use of noSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra) and publish-subscribe messaging system (Apache Kafka). Implementing logic for processing and producing JSON and XML objects with Jackson JSON Processor and Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB).

  • University of Kent

    10.2014 – 05.2015

    In this paid role, I assist first-year students in workshops to improve their understanding of their course-related topics, which includes Web Development, Object Oriented Programming. Assisting supervisor in practical classes by giving assistance to students on exercises that are related to practical Java coding tasks.

  • Menzies Distribution

    09.2011 – 09.2013

    My primary responsibilities were to pack newspapers for newsagents, by using a computerised workstation, this duty was profoundly based on counting that required basic numeracy skills. During the time I worked for Menzies Distribution, I improved my teamwork skills because, during the work day, the main duty was heavily based on collaboration. While working long overtime hours and most public holidays, I learned how to become more flexible. Also, I learned how to work in high-stress environment on busy days.

  • MC Personnel Ltd

    02.2010 – 09.2011

    While working as an agency worker, I have been assigned to work for one of the agency contractors called "Dhm Plastics". I improved my teamwork skills while working closely with a shift supervisor, a team leader and other company members to manage production of goods. When a particular task has been finished, my duty was to inform the supervisor immediately so that next task could be setup on the injection moulding machinery. Also, I have been assigned to introduce new agency workers to their daily duties, which also have improved my managing and communication skills.
    I gained teamwork and communication skills while working at "STi Line". My responsibility was to complete tasks on a fixed time schedule, under close supervision. From this work experience, I developed strong work ethics, as the finished product required high-quality standard, which included attention to small details. In addition, I became more adaptable as I was obliged to learn new product designs for its assembly.

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